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     CLEOPATRA 350 $ per adult.CHD 6-12y 50%

CLEOPATRA 350 $ per adult.CHD 6-12y 50%

DAY: Daily

First DAY:

Departure from the hotel at about 5:00 am, a visit to the temple in Dendera, lunch in the restaurant, visit to the temple in Abydos, then transfer to Luxor, accommodation in 4-star hotel, dinner at the hotel. Evening - free time in Luxor.

Temples of Abydos and Dendera are the most impressive and interesting. They were the most iconic centers of Egyptian civilization. Different and unusual architecture of the temples reminds period atmosphere over the centuries. Temple of Hathor goddess in Dendera is perfectly preserved as it was under the sand until the end of the 19th century. Hathor was worshiped in ancient times andnowadays pilgrims visit the temple and perform their mysterious rituals here. Japanese scientists found out that the area of this temple is one of the three most powerful energy points all around the world ( " Lamp Dendera " ). There is a Zodiacal sign - the oldest astrological and astronomicalpaintings in Dendera (zodiac signs and periods). Some signs depicted in temple paintings are reminiscent of modern technology (submarines, tanks and helicopters), which cause many discussions in academic circles and advance the hypothesis of a knowledge of the ancient Egyptians than the official history says. Abydos-is the oldest archaeological city in Upper Egypt (more than 5000 years), place of worship of God Osiris and the burial place of pharaohs. In Abydos is one of the best preserved monument of ancient Egypt - the memorial temple of Pharaoh Seti I. 19 dynasty. This huge temple complex has perfectly preserved ceiling and numerous colorful frescoes, that are considered for outstanding masterpieces of ancient Egyptian art. There is a list of famous dynasties of pharaohs of Egypt, called "List of Abydos" on the wall of the temple of Seti. On the walls of the corridor connecting the two parts of the temple are carved cartouche  76 Egyptian kings.   The temple was built in the period of Egyptian history on the basis of this list. And beneath this temple is another more ancient temple, which is partially flooded by the rising water levels in the Nile, but not even this does not prevent to admire sacred "Flower of Life" and "Wheel of Time".

Second DAY 

Morning: breakfast at the hotel, visit to the Memnon Colossus and the Valley of the Kings with amazingly preserved tombs, where you can go into some of them. Then the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut who was famous Queen - female pharaoh,  alabaster factory, Papyrus Museum and a short boat Felucca ride on the Nile to the other side of the shore,  the City of the Dead City in housing. Then lunch in the temple of Karnak old more than 4000 years. This temple is famous for its breathtakingly beautiful colonnade of 144 columns in the form of papyrus and an avenue of sphinxes that used to be long more than 3 km. The heads of sphinxes in Karnak are special, instead of human heads they have a ram's head. Then transfer to Aswan, accommodation in 4-star hotel, dinner at the hotel and free evening in Aswan.

Third DAY

Morning: breakfast at the hotel, visit to the Aswan High Dam, Obelisk of Hatshepsut - the only female pharaoh, Felucca boat trip - to the temple of Philae. This temple was built in the tradition of the art of ancient Egypt in the Hellenistic period and  was built on the south side of the island. It is dedicated Hathor goddess. The temple is decorated with granite lions, stone cage for hawks, two obelisks 13 meters high and there is a carved relief depicting scenes from the life of Osiris on the wall. In view of the fact that there existed a threat of flooding Philae island by Aswan reservoir. It was necessary to preserve this ancient monument. In 60th the last century, the temple was dismantled after careful measurement and transported to Agilika island which is 500 meters from the original place. Dinner in the restaurant and return to Hurghada.

When staying in a single room costs $ 600.

The price includes: transfer from the hotel and back, tickets during the tour, accommodation in a 4 * hotel and meals (excluding drinks)

PRICE: 350 $ per adult.CHD till 5.99 free,from 6.00 till 11.99 50

Discount 30 $ for students

Booking CLEOPATRA 350 $ per adult.CHD 6-12y 50%
Tour Date
Hotel & Room Number
SHARM EL NAGA | 35$ p.p.
Full day at Sharm el Naga bay; famous with her beautiful Coral reefs, clear water and yellow sand! Incl. Lunch and snorkelequitment!
2 hours underwater trip to discover the wonderful marinelife of the Red Sea!
Extense your dive experiance with the Advanced Open Water!
ASWAN 1 DAY | $ 120 per Adult
Visit the most beautifull places from Aswan! Incl. Aswandam!
Buggy Ranny (3 godziny)
CAIRO - ALEXANDRIA OVERNIGHT 190 $ per adult.CHD 6-12y 50%
Sightseeing tour Cairo-Alexandria. Visit the most beautiful and important places in their history! Incl. 1 night accomodation in 4* hotel in Cairo
CAIRO 1 DAY | 40 $ per adult.
Full day trip Cairo. Know the history of Cairo, with a visit to Giza piramids, Egyptian Museum, Sphinx. Incl. lunch!
CAIRO BY FLIGHT | 185 $ per adult
Discover Cairo's history with a visit to the Giza's piramids, Sfhinx, Egyptian Museum. Depart by plane! Lunch incl.
CAIRO OVERNIGHT | 130 $ per adult
City tour to the city of the Thousand minarets! Discover accient Cairo! Incl. Dinner at Nile cruise, lunch and 1 night accomodation in 4* hotel.
CITY TOUR | 10 $ per adult.
Visit the most interesting parts of Hurghada and knowledge of Egyptian culture and costums!
CLEOPATRA 350 $ per adult.CHD 6-12y 50%
3 day program visit different important places in Dendera, Luxor and Aswan! A tour you'll never forget!
DANDERA & ABYDOS | 75 $ per Adult
A trip for anyone who wants to see the typical Egypt!Visit the 2 most famous temples, colourful and colossal monuments.. the Original Egyptian life.. A trip for anyone who wants to see the typical Egypt!
DOLPHIN SWIM 5 min for 75 $, 10 minutes for $ 100, 15 min for $ 140
Swim with the Dolphins!!
DOLPHINE HOUSE | 20$ per Adult
Boat trip to Dolphin House. Discover the Red Sea trought snorkeling and there is the availability to swim with Dolphins!
DOLPHINE SHOW | 17$ per adult
Enjoy the wonderful Dolphin show.. Or arrange extra to swim with the Dolphins!
DREAM ISLAND| $ 30 Per Adult
Fully day boat trip to DREAM ISLAND and fishing! Incl. Lunch.
EL GOUNA & DOLPHIN HOUSE | 30 $ per person
Take a boat trip to El Gouna in combination with Dolphin House!
FISHING | 30 $ per Adult
Full day boat trip wth the opportunity to feel like an experiencied prefossional fisherman!
25 $ per adult.CHD till 5.99 free,from 6.00 till 11.99 50%
GIFTUN ISLAND | 14 $ p.p
Cruise to Giftun Island, including snorkel or dive stop! Lunch on boat!
HURGHADA BY NIGHT| $ 25 per Adult
Sightseeing program in Hurghada. Visit the nice places from the city and take your dinner at the Fish restaurant!
INTRODUCTION DIVING | 28 $ p.p / $ 15 p.p accompanying
Enjoy the wonderful feeling of diving during this INTRO dive and enjoy the wonderful life in the Red Sea!
JEEP SAFARI | 15$ per adult.
An unforgettable journey trought the vast winderness and visit of Bedouin villlage. BBQ dinner by candlelight included!
Visit Jerusalem; the Holy city of three religions!
JUNGLE AQUAPARK all incl. 35 $
Full day of fun at Jungle aqua park! All inclusive!
KATAMARAN 2H | $ 25 per person
2 hour during Katamaran sail trip on the Red Sea!
KATAMARAN | 4H 35 $ per adult
Sail on the Red sea with a 30-min snorkel stop by GIFTUN ISLAND! incl. Lunch!
LUXOR & ASWAN | 150$ per person
Nile cruise trip to Luxor and Aswan!
LUXOR & DENDERA | 80 $ per Adult
Visit the beauty of Luxor and Dendra. (50km far from Luxor).
LUXOR 1 DAY 40 $ per adult.
Visit the beauty of Luxor! Incl.Lunch at the Nile!
LUXOR LIGHT | 45 $ per adult
Visit the beauty of Luxor in daylight! Incl. Lunch buffet.
LUXOR OVERNIGHT | 150 $ per adult
Overnight in Luxor during this 2-day sightseeeing tour!
MEGA FUN | 38$ per Adult
A luxury boat trip full fun! Banana boat ride,fishing, massage, You will find it all here!
Private Day trip to the oldest Christian monasteries!
MOTO BEACH | 28 $ per person 36 $ for 2 person on 1 quad
Quad tour along Makadi desert. See the beautiful rock formations and rok that looks like human face!
OPEN WATER (OWD)| 215 $ per person.
Enjoy the underwaterlife trought the eye of a diver. Get your OPEN WATER LICENSE!
ORANGE BAY | 26 $ per adult
Full day boat trip to Paradise Island! incl. Snorkeling and Lunch buffet!
PRIVATE BOAT VIP | 350$ per boat 10 pers.
Full day private boat trip. Incl. lunch and snorkel/dive equitment!
QUAD RANNY | 20$ per adult / $30 for two people
Quad ride trough the desert. Visit Bedouin village!
Quad trip in desert of Hurghada including visit Bedouin village, various sites and BBQ diner with Bedouin Folklore!
SAHARA PARK | 24 $ per adult.
The best and richest desert program in Hrg! Quad ride,spiderami ride, 4x4 off road trip, jeep, visit bedouin village, desert zoo. incl. Traditional Bedouin/Egyptian dinner!
SUPER CAIRO | 70 $ per adult.
Discover the beauty of Cairo! Visit the most important places from Cairo history! Lunch incl.
SUPER LUXOR | 70 $ per Adult
Discover the beauty of Luxor; also known as the biggest open air museum in the world!
SUPER UTOPIA | 30 $ per Adult
Boat trip to a beautiful small Island full white sand! Snorkel and swim around. Incl. 1h trip on glassboat and lunch!
THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS( 1001)| $ 25 per Adult
Discover the story of the Thousand and One nights during this magical show!
TURKISH BATH | 40$ per person
Maroccan Sauna, Vichy, Jacuzzi, Turks Steam Bath and Hamam.. Massage and peeling.. What else you need to enjoy a relaxing day at a Turkish Bath?!
UTOPIA ISLAND | 17 $ p.p.
Full day boat trip cominated with snorkeling in Soma Bay. Incl. lunch on board!
VIP Relaxace
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